Your host loves to cook and enjoys preparing a wide range of recipes to tickle your taste buds and awaken your palate each morning of your stay. Continental breakfast begins at 8 when the coffee begins to brew and yogurt and granola are put out with nuts, seeds, berries and dried fruits. Homemade quick breads like banana nut, blueberry ginger or date nut or fresh baked donuts and freshly squeezed juices are on the sideboard.

The hot meal is served at nine or shortly thereafter. A typical meal could include…

Feta scramble served on wilted spinach with organic sausage and roasted new potatoes

David Waltuck’s poached eggs with asparagus in a truffle sauce served with peppered bacon

Irish Oatmeal with baked apples and cinnamon

Breakfast bake with roasted baguette in a mustard and egg custard served with home made grapefruit buttermilk donuts

An assortment of coffees and teas are always on the sideboard. Regular American coffee and French press are served daily. Our house brand is Porto Rico Importing Company on Bleeker Street NY.

Weekdays, we provide continental breakfast.

Breakfast service ends at 10 am.

Dining Room